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S3: Conference Stream ICTS 2015

Chair of the stream: Christian Fuchs. Please see the Instructions for Authors for a template, instructions for preparation and information on the submission of extended abstracts.

List of extended abstracts (42)
List of Accepted Abstracts (30)
'MereBrotherhood': Religious Socialism @ Network Society
"Internet Use and Political Activism in the Context of the Anti-Article 112 Law (Lèse Majesté) Movement in Thailand"
‘Faith Politics’: Social media and right-wing Hindu nationalism in India
The Regime of Infoflation     [ICT&S - 5]
Cognitive exploitation of audiovisual content: the Youtube and Xvideos cases. (ICT&S13 The Political Economy of Digital Labour)
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems as a Challenge for Workers
Hacker Ethic and Digital Learning: intersections and trajectories
How Did They Get Here? The Likeable Engine, Dark Referrals and the Problematic of Social Media News Analytics.
How Did They Get Here? The Likeable Engine, Dark Referrals and the Problematic of Social Media News Analytics.
ICT&S1 The Internet and Critical Theory What the critical approach can bring to the study of the everyday ICTs usage by a potentially vulnerable group?
ICT&S12 Social media policies in China : Emerging regulatory models,issues and implications
Informational Cognitive Exploitation, Digital Labour and the Double Freedom of Knowledge:On the Capitalist exploitation of non-for profit software, contents and data producers.
Internet and the Transformation of Chinese Netizons’ Collective Memories in the Digital Age
by Yusi Liu  *
Marx, the General Intellect, the Grundrisse, and the Fragment on Machines in the Age of Digital Labour and Digital Capitalism
Prosumer co-operatives and the prospects of truly social media.
The Class Situation(s) of Knowledge Work
These Wars are Personal: Feminism and Therapy Culture (ICT&S21: Anti-Capitalist Feminism and the Internet Today) 
These Wars are Personal: Feminism’s Double Entanglement with Therapy Culture
Wherever The Resistance, Video Activism Is There: Çapul TV
Against a Personalisation of the Self
Communication: a key commodity in Information Economy - ICT&S3 The Internet, Commodities and Capitalism
Critical Theory, Social Media and Capitalism
Digital Technologies and Labour in Capitalism and in the Commons
Female Image in the New Media Under the Perspective of Consumerism
ICT&S22 The Internet, Right Wing Extremis and Facism Today. How do far-right movements and parties use the internet and the social media Digital Facebook Postcards, with Hate, your Far Right.
Ideologies of the development of Chinese Internet
by YUQI NA  *
Ideologies of the Development of the Chinese Internet
by YUQI NA  *
Jane Austen and the Belly of the Beast Part 2 Language and Power: Commodification, Technology and the Open Agenda in Higher Education
The online production and commodification of gender variant and sexuality diverse young people