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MOL2NET 2017, International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences, 3rd edition

This conference is organized by Prof. Humbert González-Díaz. Sciforum is not responsible for the content posted on this website.
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of novel bisacodyl derivatives
In silico study of the natural compounds inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme II
Employment of hyphenated approach for metabolomic fingerprinting of phenolics from Torilis leptophylla roots
4,6,6-trimethylbicyclo [3.1.1] hept-3-ene: Analysis of the Inhibitory Effect of Monoterpere on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain
A more efficient catalyst for the cycloisomerization of alkynoic acids
CNT Mitoprotective activity in mitochondrial swelling
Diyne formation from alkynes in the presence of palladium pincer complexes
Efficient preparation of carboxylic acids from alkynes
Enaminoketone derivatives as key intermediates for the synthesis of 4-quinolones
Enhancement of quantum efficiency of hybrid photoelectrochemical cell: Effect of functionalized carbon nanotube with Cu doped ZnO nanocomplex
Exploring different strategies to improve the magnetic response of cobalt doped ferrite nanoparticles
In Silico Repurposing, Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Bisacodyl Analogues
Leave-Species-Out Procedure in Multi-target QSAR models
Synthesis and Anti-mycobacterial evaluation of coumarin derivatives
The role of excipients in neglected tropical diseases
Trends in Medicinal Chemistry
An Overview on Cyclopentenyl Fatty Acids
Antibacterial Potential Of The Alpha-pinene Positive Enantiomer Against The Strain Proteus mirabilis
Comments on Tetracarbonyl(pyrrolylimine) Complexes of Rhenium
Computational Study (In Silico) of the Antimicrobial and Toxicological Potential of Isoeugenol
Evaluation of the Interference of Solvents Used in the Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Liposoluble Natural Compounds
In Vitro Antifungal Effect of Isoeugenol Against Penicillium citrinum Strains
Influence of Carbon Nanotubes in Nano-carboapatite
Lattice dynamics of carbon nanotube interacting with hydroxyapatite
Modular Squalene-based Nanosystems
Nanodesk project: development of a web platform for the selection of the nanoparticles of interest for the plastic industry
New Microbiological and Pharmacokinetic models
Physico-chemical and electrochemical properties of nanoparticulate NiO/C composites for high performance lithium and sodium ion battery anodes.
Potent antioxidant activity of Kigelia africana flower fractions on cell-free systems.
QSAR of natural sesquiterpene lactones as inhibitors of Myb-dependent gene expression
Standardization of the Safety Level of the Use of DMSO in Viability Assays in Bacterial Cells
Use of novel metallic nanoparticles for improvement of electrical properties of PVDF-HFP polymer film
Mosquito-borne viruses: A computational search for antiviral drugs
A brief account of the search for peptide vaccines
A short overview on the use of metabolomic multi-platforms in biomedical research
A Simple Method to Classification α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitors Using LDA and Decision Trees
Alignment-Free Model for Prediction of B-cell Epitopes  
Blood-Brain Barrier Passage Prediction Using Decision Tree
Comparison of Base Distributions in Dengue, Zika and Other Flavivirus Envelope and NS5 Genes
Functional characterization of α1 adrenergic receptor in the rat locus coeruleus in vitro
Multi-scale analysis of structural variability of Caryophyllaceae saponins by a simplex machine learning approach
Osteosarcoma gene prioritization through combined bioinformatics analysis
Perturbation Theory Model of Metabolic Reaction Networks
Some Comments on Mathematical Descriptors of Biomolecular Sequences and their Characteristics
Electrophysiological study of the effect of cannabidiol on the dorsal raphe nucleus serotonergic neurons
Multiple Linear Regression to predict larvicidal activity against Aedes aegypti mosquito
Optimizing queries via search server ElasticSearch: a study applied to large volumes of genomic data
New insights to understand the CoMFA and CoMSIA analysis within the framework of Density Functional Theory. Toward a generalized methodology.
FRAMA 1.0: Framework for Moving Average Operators Calculation in Data Analysis
Prediction of RIFIN proteins with gene orientation network indices
SMANN: Screening Model of Artificial Neural Networks for Brain Connectom
Cálculo de pKa de ácidos aspárticos en tiorredoxina a través de dinámica molecular
Computational study of aromatic compounds inhibiting Trypanosoma cruzi glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase
Data compression with Python: application of different algorithms with the use of threads in genome files
Prediction of mRNA expression in cow’s milk using mRNA secondary structures and Machine Learning classifiers
The KP algorithm for the analysis of the optimal flow of information
Analysis of microbial communities reflect diel vertical migration in the Gulf of Mexico
Analysis of the Gentrification Process in the City of Miami
Antioxidant properties of oyster plant (Tradescantia spathacea) extracts using different methods
Assessment of Microclimatic conditions of St. Thomas University forest
Assessment of the temperature comfort of a model house
Biomedical modeling of Magnetic Nanoparticles Fluid Hyperthermia for Cancer treatment
Creating a Model to Predict Student Success using WeBWorK data
Differential expression of native potatoes genes in response to drought conditions
Evaluating medicinal plants for anticancer properties: testing plant extracts for cytotoxicity
Preliminary antioxidant activity analysis of Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius) extracts via TLC, FRAP, and DPPH
Preliminary study of the antioxidant activity of Vitis rotundifolia (muscadine grape) extracts using different methods
Time series analysis and forecast of respiratory conditions in Florida
Time series analysis of the EEG signals for Epilepsy seizure forecast
Twitter Data Mining and Predictive Modeling in R
diPGA: Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Adiponectin (ADN)
Factors That Influence Conservatism vs. Liberalism
Genetics of Hypertension
Literature and Empathy in Nursing Students
The Effect of Fictional Literature on Empathy in Children
The Influence of Hispanic Culture on Diabetes
In silico molecular GRIP docking studies of antioxidant potentials of black tea compounds
Applications of Structure Based Drug Design Approaches towards Design and Development of Calcium Channel Blockers
Bioenergy: A Sustainable Energy option
Ecotoxicological assessment of pharmaceuticals using computational toxicology approaches: QSTR and interspecies QTTR modelling
Inhibition of Secretory Aspartyl Protease of Candida albicans by metabolites of Streptomyces chrestomyceticus strain ADP4
Intelligent consensus predictor: Towards more precise predictions for external set compounds
QSAR with ETA indices: Insecticidal activity of plant derived compounds against zika virus vector Aedes aegypti
Application of molecular topology to the prediction and optimization of mosquito repellent activity of N-acyl-piperidine derivatives
Comunidad de poliquetos de los fondos blandos de la playa de Canet d’en Berenguer (Valencia-Spain).
Direct spectrophotometric method to determine cell density of Isochrysis galbana in serial batch cultures from a larger scale fed-batch culture in exponential phase
Enhancement of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)’s properties for advanced industrial applications
Estudio de la pradera de Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile del área litoral del municipio de Teulada (Alicante).
Patterns of scuba diver behaviour to assess environmental impact on marine benthic communities: a suitable tool for management of recreational diving on Benidorm island (Western Mediterranean sea).
Standardization of commercial cinnamon essential oils by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis
An analysis of the multiple choice test evaluation
Antioxidant activity of 5-FU and new fluorinated uracil derivates
Considerations on contraventions and environmental education
Contentious jurisdiction and voluntary jurisdiction
Analysis of the ne bis in idem principle in a court ruling
Biotechnology in plants genomics: a legal and bioethics overview.
Doctrinal considerations regarding administrative easement definition
Genetic Manipulation on Plants: Intellectual Property Issues.
Challenges in Law, Technology, Life, and Social Sciences
Criminalistics and its role in prevention
Importance of coaching and mentoring tools for training business leaders
Some historic considerations on democracy
The imputability from the perspective of comparative law
Worldwide cyber-attacks: their impact on the international health services and their answer in the Spanish criminal code
Contamination of soils in homestead
Editorial: SIUSCI-01, San Ignacio University Sciences Workshop, Miami, USA, 2017
Mercury in the Everglades
Climate Change and the National Park Everglades
Flavonoid interaction with chitosan: planning active packing with antioxidant and antimicrobial activity
Greenhouse Effect in Miami, FL
Greenhouse Gases
Notes Towards a Network Approach to Gene Orientation
Pollution in Everglades
"In silico" estimation of encapsulation-induced pKa shifts in drugs.
Enhancing protonation sampling via a pHRE replica exchange scheme
Improving pKa calculations of membrane inserting amino acids using replica exchange CpHMD simulations
T4 Lysozyme/Halobenzene: A Test System for Modeling Biomolecular Halogen Bonds
In silico studies on the pH induced membrane insertion of pHLIP peptides
Computational studies addressed to the catalytic mechanism of the alpha sub-unit of Tryptophan Synthase
Creating a valid in silico Dopamine D2-receptor model for small molecular docking studies
Effect of protonation state on the interaction of Hoechst 33342 with lipid membranes – An experimental and computational study.
Predicting HIV-1 resistance to protease inhibitors: A new structure-based algorithm exploring binding-site Molecular Interaction Fields dissimilarities
Structural and dynamic understanding of the ghrelin receptor high constitutive activity
Alpha-helical and beta-sheet membrane- membrane protein dimers: centralizing information
Characterization of the membrane permeability of different proteasome inhibitors using molecular dynamics methods
Development of computational tools to enhance the study of catalytic mechanisms
Mapping the conformational and structural regulators involved in the inhibition of the human 20S proteasome inhibitors
Optimizing Proteins and Ligands for Computerized Drug Discovery
QwikMD - easy and fast molecular dynamics simulations with VMD and NAMD
Structural mechanism of HER2-antibodies complexes by molecular dynamics studies
Using big-data to understand the protein interface landscape
Using the Mechanism and Catalytic Site Atlas (M-CSA) to understand enzyme function and evolution
Editorial: EHUDW01, First EHU-DELFIN Program Workshop, Bilbao, Jul, 201
Control measures in the countries sending remittances and financial impact on the countries receiving them (Mexico and The United States)
Overview of PT-QSRR models for predicting yield of reaction
Study of microbiological laboratory techniques for the etiological diagnosis and guidance in the treatment of invasive candidiasis
Comparative Study of Invasive Candidiasis in Mexico and Spain
Ocotea quixos essential oil: A systematic review about the ethno-medicinal uses, phytochemistry and biological activity.
Use of cocoa polyphenols (Theobroma cacao) as natural Amazonian antioxidant in the elaboration of sausage fresh
Affectation of thrips palmi in the quality and production of the naranjilla in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Chemical Characterization of The Agroindustrial By-Products Destined for Pig Feeding
Cocoa polyphenols (Theobroma cacao) as natural Amazonian antioxidant in sausage fresh.
The water relations of Inga multinervis for efficient water use in forest systems
Use of native microorganisms of the rhizophore of the amazon to accelerate the process of decomposition of organic agricultural residues
Amazonian fruits availability as fruits agro-alimentary chain primary elements of Pastaza (Puyo), Ecuador.
Antiproliferative activity of Psidium guajava essential oil: a preliminary study
Design of innovative products from elements of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Ethnopharmacology, biological activity and chemical characterization of Mansoa alliacea. A review about a promising plant from Amazonian region
Methodology for designing an agricultural commodity logistics information system
Polyphenols extracts from (Theobroma cacao) and Chuchuhuaso (Maytenus macrocarpa) as possible natural Amazonian antioxidant
Quality indicators in Ochroma pyramidale seeds from three sites in the Ecuadorian Amazon for reforestation in degraded areas
Relationship between the fed substrates and the physical chemical parameters of an anaerobic biodigester in Ecuadorian Amazon Region.
Rural community’s territorial system dynamics at the Anzu river valley in the Kichwa Amazon territory to propose change scenarios
Soil structure and carbon sequestration as ecosystem services under different land uses in the ecuadorian amazon region
Solid Wastes Generation in Amazon State University's, Puyo, Ecuador
Stochastic model on the mobility of petroleum in the soils of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Technological proposal for a garlic-derived inulin extraction process
The market of Ilex guayusa. Products, stakeholders, prototypes and trends in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region.
Thermoalkaline pretreatment influence on anaerobic biodegradability of filter cake for methane production
Variation of concentration of soluble solids and agricultural yield with organic fertilization in three varieties of sugar cane (Saccharum sp. hybrid) for the production of panela in the conditions of the ecuadorian amazon.
In silico evaluation of spiro-acrydine derivatives as potential inhibitors of the receptor of human epidermic growth factor (HER2)/ Epidermic Growth Factor receiver (EGFR)
Identification of triterpenic saponin by HPLC-DAD-MS/MS in Zornia brasiliensis
Molecular docking study of triterpenoid azadirachtin A on acetylcholinesterase of Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera: Drosophilidae)
Virtual screening of a cyclics imides to evaluate potential new multi-target agents against species of Leishmania
A Combined Approach of Ligand-based and Structure-based Virtual Screening to select structures with potential antichagasic activity from SISTEMATX sesquiterpene lactones database.
Application of Self-Organizing Maps generated from Molecular Descriptors of Flavonoid in the Chemotaxonomy of the Asteraceae Family
Identification of diterpenos flexibiliene from Stillingia loranthaceae, using LC-MS2 and Molecular Networking
Molecular docking studies of benzothiazinone derivatives in the search for new tuberculostatic agents
NMR analysis of a new canthin-6-one alkaloid from Simaba bahiensis (Simaroubaceae)
Protein model built through molecular modeling by homology of a potential target of anti-leishmania drugs
Bacteria and viruses of veterinary medical interest. Etymological analysis
Molecular Docking study of the flavonoids quercetin and artemetin front the angiotensin-converting enzyme
Uses of Black tea
List of Accepted Submissions