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The 5th World Sustainability Forum

P3: Posters: Sustainability in Economics, Business, and Management

List of Accepted Abstracts (12)
An Exploratory Study on Sustainability Management Systems: Standards and Corporate Models
An Integrated Organizational Management Model for Overcoming Sustainability Challenges
Are Co-Operatives Key to a Sustainable Development in Europe?
Can Social Components Drive Sustainable Development? The Case of Family Farms in Southeast Spain.
Combatin Corruption in the Private Sector for a Sustainable Future: A European Legal Approach
Developing the Low-Carbon Chemical Industry: A Comprehensive Study on the Evaluation System and Strategic Measures
by Lei Liu  *
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Used in Green Public Procurement (GPP)
Financial Support and a Firm’s R&D Innovation: The Impact of Energy Efficiency on Sustainable Development
Study on the Influence of Political Connections on Enterprise Values of Listed Companies in Different Industries in China
The Impact of the CDM Project on the Performance of Industrial Firms: Empirical Evidence from China
The Production of NPK Fertilizer: The Choice of the Less Polluting Process
Trading in Influence: Its Criminalisation in the International Context