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The 5th World Sustainability Forum

1: Policy and Planning

DAHLCAASD: Developing Appropriate High Level Capacity in Africa to Achieve Sustainable Development

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Technical Knowledge and Problem-Focused Research: What is the Needed Mix for the Next Generation of Agricultural Scientists?
Inter-university Collaboration in Research and Education to Promote a Higher Skills-base for Africa’s Sustainable Development
The Significance of Doctoral Education and Training for Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
An Agricultural and Skills Improvement Framework to Support Agricultural Transformation in Africa

EP: Environmental Policy

List of Accepted Abstracts (6)
Power Dynamics of Domestic and Donor Bureaucracies Due to Effects of Internationally Induced Sustainable Forest Management Policies in Bangladesh
Implementation of Sustainability in Municipal Governments by an Actor and Process Centred Approach
The Exclusive Nature of Inclusive Growth in Rural Northern Ethiopia
The Strategic Aspects of an Eco-Logistic Chain Optimization
Learning to Adapt Sustainably to Environmental Risk
The Global Convergence of Resource Consumption Levels through Resource Use Reduction Policies in Developed Countries

EPF: Energy Policy and Forecasting

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Delivery Models for Sustainable Energy Technologies – What are Feasible Approaches in Developing Regions?
Indicator-Based Sustainability Assessment of the German Energy System
The New Utility Business Case
The Medium and Long Term Forecasting of the Energy and Electricity Demand in China

FMSP: Funding Mechanisms for Sustainable Practices

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
The Potential of Large-Scale Forestry Projects to Contribute to an Equal Rural Development: An Evaluation of Camellia Forestry in China
Undermining Effectiveness: The Effects of Volatility, Unpredictability and Poor Coordination on Health Aid Effectiveness
The Great Potential of Crowdfunding in Sustainable Development and Climate Change Mitigation
Water and sustainability: where nature and markets come together

TESSAS: The Elusive Search for Sustainable Anti-corruption Strategies: What have we Overlooked?

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Transnational Constructions of Sustainable Development and Corruption Control: European Union Funding in Romania and Ukraine
Communities Against Corruption: What Makes Social Accountability an Effective Approach for Improving Public Service Delivery?
Civil Society as Warrantor of Sustainable Governance Reform?

UP: Urban Policy

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Management Guide for Sustainable City Planning
From Scenarios to Action – Facilitating a Low Carbon Urban Transition in a Chinese City
Sustainable Economic Development through Building Adaptive Capacity for Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of Incheon, South Korea
The Ecological Footprint of Mediterranean Cities: Awareness and Policy Implications

Submissions not assigned to panels

List of Accepted Abstracts (1)
Master and Action Plans Countering Climate Change in Cities Around the World