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The 5th World Sustainability Forum

3: Environmental Sustainability

AES: Alternative Energy Sources

List of Accepted Abstracts (8)
Simulation of Heat Transfer Enhancement of Phase Change Material for Thermal Energy Storage System
by c x guo  *
Sustainability of South African Agricultural Crop Residue Collection for Bio Energy
Biogas Innovations through Grassroots Movements. Learnings from the Latin American Experience
Reconstructing Greenhouse Gas Balance Indicators for Agricultural Bioenergy Production
The Future Role of Biogas Plants in Renewable Energy Systems
Sustainability of Saudi Arabia's Energy Generation Sector through the Integration of CCS to Meet Climate Targets
The Importance of Remotely Sensed (SODAR) Data in Wind Energy Production
Strategies for the Application of Solar Energy in Rural Areas: A Case in Lorestan Province of Iran

ASIDSVRFGC: Assessment of Small Island Developing States Vulnerability-Resilience Face to Global Changes

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Viability of the Agrosystems of Small Islands
Adaptive Regulation Through the Lens of Viability Theory: A Theoretical Framework for Sustainable Economics in the Anthropocene Era
The Vulnerability of SIDS: A Sustainable Assessment Development Method

DSWS: Developing Sustainable Water Systems

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Impact of Upstream Man-Made Interventions on the Sustainable Management of Downstream Natural Wetland Systems
Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Salinity of the Shatt El-Arab: A Transboundary River Basin Case Study
The Sustainability of Formal and Informal Interventions Against the Impact of Sea Level Rise in the Nigerian Niger Delta
Bayesian Modeling of Coastal Marine Environment for Sustainable Coastal Development

EC: Ecosystem Conservation

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Community Based Tourism in Mexico: Contribution to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
Impact Studies on Environment and Ecological Certification of the Expansion Areas and Coastal Touristic Sites Such as the Case of El-Aouana in Algeria: Indicators for Considering Biodiversity.
What Factors Can Influence the Expansion of Protected Areas in the World in the Context of Millennium Development Goals?

EESGSSM: Enhancement of Ecosystem Services Governed by Soils through Sustainable Management

List of Accepted Abstracts (9)
Reduced tillage and organic farming: The potential of combining two innovative approaches
Rhizosphere Management of Permanent Crops in Drylands – the Case Study of Date Palms
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) as “Biofertilizers“ for Sustainable Agriculture – Potential of AMF Hyphae to Spread from Inoculated Pigeon Pea Seedlings to Uninoculated Finger Millet Plantlets
Sustainable Nutrient Cycling through Soil Biota
Biofertilization and "Bioirrigation" for Sustainable Mixed Cropping of Pigeon Pea and Finger Millet (The BIOFI Project)
The Use of Beneficial Root Microbes for Improved Nutrient Uptake in Arable Crops
The Potential of Organic Farming in Developing Countries: Lessons Learned from Case Studies in Kenya, Central India, and Bolivia
Managing Organic and Inorganic Inputs for Short- and Long-Term Agro-Ecosystem Services
The Role of Sustainable Agricultural Soil Management in Enhancing Ecosystem Services

F: Farming

List of Accepted Abstracts (6)
Evaluating Sustainable Use of Nitrogen Fertiliser in Maize Production: A South African Case Study
Family Farming System as a Platform for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Rural Areas: An Global Overview with Emphasis on Cases in Iran
Designing a Pattern of Participatory Sustainable Management in Northern Iran (Case Study: Fereydoon Kenar Wetland)
Applying a Decision Support Model to Investigate the Influence of Precision Agriculture Practices on Sustainable Crop Production
Climatic Changes Impact on Income Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from Paddy Farmers in Kelantan, Malaysia
How to Co-Build a Viable Farming Model? Some Insights from the French Caribbean

FPW: Farming Practices (Water)

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Impacts of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies on Drought Risk: Implication for Sustainable Agriculture in South Africa
Water Footprint of Milk Production in the Free State Province of South Africa
Farmers Choice of Drought Coping Strategies to Sustain Productivity in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
Benchmarking Freshwater Use by Smallholder Raisin Producers – A Sub-vector Efficiency Analysis

FS: Food Sustainability

List of Accepted Abstracts (2)
New Approaches for Fostering Sustainable Nutrition Behavior – The Potential of Social Norms in Gamification Interventions
Meat Consumption in Industrialized Countries and Hunger in Developing Countries: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I: Irrigation

List of Accepted Abstracts (2)
The Impact of Climate Change on Crop Water Use and Chill Unit Accumulation
Sustainability of Irrigating Wheat Under Climate Change Scenarios in a Humid Climate – A Study in the East of England

L: Livestock

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Variables Affecting Sheep Theft in the Free State Province of South Africa
Modelling Efficient Strategies to Set up Safe Local Livestock Rearing Systems in Agricultural Areas Higly Historically Contaminated
A Resilient Traditional Practice of Grassland Management in the Caribbean

NR: Natural Resources

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Global Implication of Oil Sands Resources on Sustainable Development
Examining the Determinants of Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Programme Performance Indicators
Are We in Another Rare Earth Metals Crisis? There Will Be a Cascading of Criticality from Rare Earths to Commodity Metals

OF: Optimizing Farming

List of Accepted Abstracts (2)
Assessing the Sustainability Performance at Farm- Level: Synergies and Trade- Offs between Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability Themes
Global Biomass Demand and Supply: Do We Need to Expand Cropland or Can We Feed the World on Existing Cropland in 2050?

PPESILSFCSNN: Potential of Payments for Environmental Services to Improve Livelihoods of Small-scale Farmers: Case Studies from Northern Namibia

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Monitoring Land Cover Changes in the Savannah Woodlands of North Eastern Namibia (1975-2014) Using the Landsat Satellite
Revisiting Dryland Afforestation Programmes for Developing Countries: Integrating Uncertainty in Economic Projections with a Focus on Carbon Finance and Community Needs
Making PES work for small-scale farming communities in north-central Namibia 

SAP: Sustainable Agricultural Production

List of Accepted Abstracts (5)
Nitrogen Use and the Integration of Environmental Concerns into Production
Sustainable Food Production Systems for Global Food Security- Tillage, Crop Rotations, and Nutrient Management Systems Effects on Crop Production and Water Quality 
Options for Maintaining a Sustainable Fishery Production in the United Arab Emirates
Analyzing Consumers’ Awareness and Perception of Organic Food Products in the United Arab Emirates
A Method to Assess Social Sustainability of Capture Fisheries: An Application to a Norwegian Trawler

SMS: Socioecological Metabolism and Sustainability

List of Accepted Abstracts (2)
The Metabolism of Spanish Agriculture: Modeling Bio-Physical Relations Between Agriculture and Society in the Industrial Transition (1900-2010)
Quantifying Trade-Offs Between Food Security and Biodiversity

WI: Water Insecurity

List of Accepted Abstracts (2)
Realizing the Environmental and Socioeconomic Aspects for Three Desalination Technologies: A Life Cycle Assessment Approach
Scope for Sustainability of Metropolitan and Agricultural Communities under Drought-Constrained Conditions: The Growing Potential Demonstrated by Reverse Osmosis Desalination

WWM: Waste-Water Management

List of Accepted Abstracts (6)
Mineral Contamination of Capsicum annuum Irrigated with Recycled Domestic Wastewater Treated by Vertical- Flow Wetlands
Dye Removal in Experimental Ponds Treating Textile Wastewater with Lemna Minor
Floating Reed Beds for the Treatment of Synthetic Grey Water
The Impact of Different Irrigation Waters on the Growth of Chili Grown in a Greenhouse
Hydrocarbon Removal and Seasonal Variability in Vertical- Flow Constructed Wetlands Treating Urban Wastewater
Performance Evaluation of the Electro- Coagulation Treatment Process for the Removal of Total Suspended Solids and Metals from Water

Submissions not assigned to panels

List of Accepted Abstracts (1)
Governance and Ecotourism: A multi-criterial methodological model approach for the sustainable management of Riviera Maya Karst System