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The 5th World Sustainability Forum

4: Lifestyle, Consumption, and Mobility

ABL: Attitudes, Behaviour and Lifestyle

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Self- Identity, Place-Identity, and the Challenge of Proactive Planning for Climate Change Adaptation
Sustainable City Branding: Evaluating the Environmental Behavior of Slow City Citizens in Yeni Bogazici, North Cyprus
Urban Fabric, Its Form Quality and an Enhancement of Social Capital. A Comparison of Three Cities in Indonesia

CSSCL: Case Studies on Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyle

List of Accepted Abstracts (5)
Urban Sustainability: Plantain (Musa spp., AAB genome) Cultivar Preference, Local Processing Techniques and Consumption Patterns of Plantain Based Foods Mostly Consumed in Urban Area of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
A Workplace Education Project to Promote Healthy and Sustainable Food Consumption. Barilla’s “Sì.Mediterraneo” Project
Market-Based Solutions to Seafood Sustainable Consumption
The Double Pyramid of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition: A Tool for Informing Consumer Choice and Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption
A Study of Students' Ecological Footprint and Whether Students Adopt More Sustainable Lifestyles by Their Chosen Subject at Architecture School in The Chinese University of Hong Kong
by Min Yang  *

CVS: Cultural Values and Sustainability

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Urban Sustainability and Traditional Neighborhoods, A Case Study: Bursa, Turkey
Primordial Spirituality and Traditional Livelihood Practices: Ethics Structures and Processes
A Generational Analysis of Consumption Patterns and Their Effects on the Well-Being of Indigenous People: A Case Study of Rural KwaZulu-Natal
Sociological Meaning of Three Guangdong Ancestral Temples and Sustainable Strategies of Cultural Heritage Conservation

EPRE: Engaging the Public: Renewable Energy

List of Accepted Abstracts (6)
Predictors of Attitudes Toward Regenerative Energies
Situation Awareness and Home Energy Reduction: A Study
Eco-Efficiency and Cultural Consensus: Acceptability Standards for Renewable Energy Systems
 The Influence of Media Design and Knowledge on the Acceptance of Regenerative Energies
Consumer Valuation of Energy-Efficiency Investments: The Case of the Vietnamese Air Conditioner Market
The Use of Smart Technology for Energy Saving by Changing Consumer Behavior

GHSEPEH: Global Health and Sustainability: Ensuring People and Ecosystems Health

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Global Health and Sustainability: Ensuring People and Ecosystems Health
Women’ Role in Sustainable Health Systems – From Victims to Game Changers
Globalization, global health challenges and sustainability
Multiple Win-Win's of Sustainable Traffic: Tackling Air Pollution, Noise, Climate Change, Physical Activity and Accidents for Healthy Cities

HCL: Health-related Consumption and Lifestyle

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Climate and Health Co-Benefits from Changes in Urban Mobility
Climate and Health Co-Benefits from Changes in Diets. What Interventions Are Effective?
Sick Building Syndrome, Energy and Thermal Control: A Norwegian Cellular vs. A British Open Plan Office

IBS: Individual Behaviour and Sustainability

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
An Investigation of the Influence of Domestic Tourists' Attachment and Loyalty to a Natural Based Tourist Setting on General Sustainable Behaviors: The Victoria Falls World Heritage Site Experience
Perceived Ecosystem Services and Disservices of Residential Green Infrastructure within the Río Piedras Watershed
A Research Model of Environmental Behavior as a Tool for ‘Ecological Citizenship’ Agendas in Planning

MA: Mobility and Access

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Engendering Sustainable Mobility
Mobility Deprivation of Low-Income Rural Households: Predisposition for Social Exclusion
Investigating Links between Transport Disadvantage, Social Exclusion and Social Sustainability: A Critical Review
The Imaginary of the Train of the Future in South Africa: From Public Access to Social Exclusion

MS: Mobility Systems

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
A Measurement and Action Framework for the Triple Impact of Sustainable Heavy Duty Vehicles in Urban Space
Assessing Scenarios of Transport Sector for IPCC 5th Assessment Report (IPCC-AR5)
Sustainability in Aviation
Stimulating Sustainable Mobility in Urban Agglomerations in Industrial Regions

TQTCFSLC: The Quest for Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks in Sustainable Lifestyles and Consumption

List of Accepted Abstracts (4)
Ecological Modernization: A New View Based on the Second Modernization Theory
by Lei Liu  *
Environmental Burden Caused by the Consumption of Czech Households
Participatory Approach Applied to Environmental Certification: The Case Study of Ecosustainable Events Using the Index “M.e.t.e.r.”
Locked in and Locked out. Understanding how Habits Affect Sustainable Energy Consumption

TS: Transitioning towards Sustainability

List of Accepted Abstracts (6)
Community Energy Programs in the United States: Options, Trends, and Utility Responses
A Multidisciplinary and Multi-Criteria Approach to Sustainability in Evaluating Alternative End-Uses for Disused Areas: A Case Study.
The Influence of Context and Culture on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Expectations in China and South Africa
Practitioners Knowledge Exchange and Networks in the Global South – A Sustainable Path to Foster Innovative Energy Know-how?
Professionalizing Sustainability Management in Corporations
Local Authorities and Energy Governance in the UK: Negotiating Sustainability between the Micro and Macro Policy Terrain