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The 2nd World Sustainability Forum

B: Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Prof. Dr. John P. Ulhøi, Aarhus University, Denmark

It’s long pass the point where it should be debated if or why corporations should take the issue of sustainability serious. Translating the principle of sustainable development into a corporate context, however, implies, that it cannot be handled as yet another ‘bolt-on’ issue. Rather it needs to be a truly integrated part of the founding values, purposes and action-directing strategies of the entire corporation and its activities. This session will highlight recent developments in and/or innovative cases of sustainable business models and strategies at the operative, tactical and/or at the strategic level. We welcome empirical grounded contributions, theoretical and/or new methodological contributions (or combinations thereof) from different sectors and/or geopolitical regions that may help advance our conceptual and methodological toolbox.

List of presentations (2)
List of Accepted Abstracts (5)
Corporate Social Responsibility as a Managerial Tool for Implementing Sustainable Business
Do Czech companies use relevant indicators to monitor their environmental and social performance?
Exploring corporate sustainability strategy based on environmental investments to retrofit a cogeneration plant – a case-study from Romania
Lifetime and obsolecence of products: toward a sustainable consumption and production system
The role of the state in corporate sustainability: facilitator or obstacle?