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Catalysts Webinar | Bioelectrochemistry

25 Aug 2020, 00:00

Bioelectrochemistry, Bioengineering, Biofuel Cell, Enzyme Bioelectrocatalysis, Enzyme Immobilization
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Webinar Information

2nd Webinar Series on Catalysts - an Open Access Journal


Prompted by concepts and methods of solid state and surface physics, a new era of physical and theoretical electrochemistry, almost an electrochemical renaissance, began in the 1970s. The notions were “atomically planar” electrode surfaces and a range of spectroscopies and microscopies, supported by statistical physics and electronic structure theories. Similar boundary-traversing efforts followed in the electrochemistry of metalloproteins, DNA-based molecules, and even whole protein complexes. Single-molecule (bio)electrochemistry has triggered new concepts related to the stochastic nature of systems and new single-molecule electron transfer phenomena and, in addition, the science of new electrochemical carbon, metallic, and other nanomaterials have come into focus.

Chair: Dr. Elisabeth Lojou

Date & Time: 25 AUGUST 2020 2:00 pm (CEST)

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The following experts will present and speak:

Dr. Elisabeth Lojou

Elisabeth Lojou is Research Director at the CNRS, France. She obtained her degree in engineering from the National School of Chemistry, Rennes, France, in 1985 and her PhD degree from Paris XII University in 1988. After a postdoctoral position in SAFT-Leclanché Company, Poitiers, France, where she developed Li/liquid cathode batteries, and numerous positions at CNRS, she integrated the Bioenergetic and Protein Engineering laboratory, Marseille (France), leading a group focusing on the functional immobilization of redox enzymes onto nanostructured electrochemical interfaces. Her aim is to understand the molecular basis for the oriented immobilization of enzymes on electrochemical interfaces favoring fast electron transfer process. She developed original electrochemical interfaces for catalytic reduction of metals by cytochromes, as well as for catalytic transformations of H2 and O2 by hydrogenases and multi-copper oxidases, respectively. She recently designed the first high-temperature H2/O2 enzymatic fuel cell. She has authored over 100 publications and is currently chair-elect of the Bioelectrochemistry division of the International Society of Electrochemistry and a member of the Council of the Bioelectrochemical Society.

Prof. Dr. Jens Ulstrup

Jens Ulstrup is a Professor Emeritus at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He graduated in Chemistry in 1964 and obtained the D.Sc. degree in 1981, both at the University of Copenhagen. He has been affiliated with DTU since 1966, where he has served as Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry since 1984. He has published around 350 peer-reviewed research papers (WoS h-index 52), 28 peer-reviewed book chapters and review articles, and three monographs. He has a wide scope of research interests: quantum theory of electron and proton transfer processes, theory of metallic nanoparticle electrocatalysis, molecular electronics, the chemistry of metals in biological systems, physical electrochemistry and bioelectrochemistry, scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) of complex molecules, and the new theory of the Au–S bond on planar and nanoparticle surfaces. He has long-time experience in national and international science networks and management, has served in journal editorial boards and as guest editor of special journal issues, and is a co-editor and co–author of five multi-author monographs. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1986), Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (1992), and the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, and is the first recipient of the Katsumo Niki Bioelectrochemistry Prize of the International Society of Electrochemistry (2004), as well as Elected Fellow of the ISE (2006).


The webinar will start at 2:00 pm (CEST) 25 August 2020 and will last maximum 1 hour



Dr. Lojou:


2:00pm (CEST)

Prof. Dr. Ulstrup

"Bioelectrochemistry in Non-Traditional Electrochemical Surface Environments: From Single-Crystal Gold to Three-Dimensional Porous Electrodes"

2:05pm (CEST)


2:50pm (CEST)


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Webinar Content

The 2nd webinar of Catalysts Series - Bioelectrochemistry, held on August 25, 2020 and chaired by Dr. Elisabeth Lojou was a success. With over 180 enrolled from all over the world, this webinar organized by MDPI allowed many researchers from all over the world to learn from the tremendous scientific work of Prof. Dr. Jens Ulstrup about the mechanisms of electron transfer between proteins and different electrochemical interfaces.

Dr. Elisabeth Lojou introduced the topic and presented Prof. Dr. Jens Ulstrup which started the session with his presentation entitled "Bioelectrochemistry in Non-Traditional Electrochemical Surface Environments: From Single-Crystal Gold to Three-Dimensional Porous Electrodes". The presentation was followed by a fruitful discussion between Dr. Elisabeth Lojou and Prof. Dr. Jens Ulstrup after the webinar, highlighting the main issues that the scientific community will have to address in a next future to control bioelectrocatalysis.

The webinar was offered via Zoom and required registration to attend. The full recording can be found below.

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