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Effect of temperature on curing time of single-lap adhesive joints in marine applications
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1  Department of Engineering, University of Messina


In industrial field, manufacturing time is one of the most important factors affecting the production costs. Structural adhesives require long curing times (i.e. 3-4 weeks) before the joined components can be safely employed. The aim of the present work is to test the effect of several thermal treatments on a commercial epoxy structural adhesive, on the final resistance of single lap joints, trying to attain the possibility of a curing time reduction. Aluminum alloy 5083, typically employed in marine applications, is used as substrate. Both the adhesive and the joints will be treated at different temperatures/times, then tensile tests will be carried out to obtain the mechanical resistance and study the failure modes. A statistical analysis will allow the evaluation of the effects of the thermal cycles on the mechanical performances of the joints and the comparison with the ones cured with the standard procedure.

Keywords: Epoxy resins, adhesive joints, curing time, single lap.