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A Significant Study on Emerging Technologies in Smart Cities for Planet Earth during Covid-19 Pandemic
* 1 , 2
1  Patna Women's College
2  Patliputra University, India
Academic Editor: Humbert G. Díaz


The Covid-19 pandemic is having a huge global impact, especially when we talk about Internet of Things (IoT) and market analysts to analyze the impact of the pandemic on smart cities and also to understand what are the new responses, challenges, opportunities which will arise in a post-pandemic scenario. Technology is a key which has turn a city into smart city which is well connected, sustainable and resilient, where information is not just available but also findable. Therefore, the emerging technologies have created new interest in smart cities' solutions. It is one of the most promising, prominent, and challenging applications of the Internet of Things (IoT). The main goal of is to optimize city functions and promote economic growth and also improving the quality of life for citizens especially by using smart technologies and data analysis that leads to smart outcomes. The progress and advancement of the smart cities' are the results of the successful utilization of emerging technologies. With the advancement of COVID-19 pandemic, people realized how important digital connectivity. We, as a society should learn how to be ready for a crisis and the best way to be ready for the crisis is really influenced all this innovation in the digital world.
This paper thoroughly studies the value of how emerging technology is used and what are the challenges and responses of technology used in smart cities for the planet earth during and post COVID pandemic.

Keywords: Internet of Things(IoT), Emerging Technology, Smart City