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Monitoring of Native and Introduced Ambrosia Beetles (Curculionidae: Scolytinae) With Two Different Lures
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1  University of Sopron
2  AlphaScents
Academic Editor: Dimitrios Avtzis


Two lures (REDBAY & AMBRO) developed for the monitoring of an introduced/invasive species (Redbay ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus glabratus)) were tested in semi-natural forests in Hungary. Three sites were selected, and one-one traps with the different lures each were set up and controlled regularly. Altogether more than 12 thousand ambrosia beetles were caught. The lure blend AMBRO proved to be more effective (approx. 11,000 beetles) in compare to REDBAY blend (approx. 1,000) beetles. Both native and introduced ambrosia beetles were captured, however, the invasive Xylosandrus germanus was the most dominant species (approx. 10,600 specimens). Other ambrosia beetles of the genus Trypodendron, Xyleborus, Xylosandrus, Xyleborinus and Platypus were also present.

Keywords: Trypodendron; Xyleborus; Xylosandrus; Xyleborinus; invasive species monitoring