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Improving the Monitoring System Towards Early Detection and Prediction of the Siberian Moth Outbreaks in Eastern Siberia
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1  Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology
2  Sukachev Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Science
Academic Editor: António Onofre Soares


The Siberian moth, Dendrolimus sibiricus Tschetverikov (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) is a dangerous pest of the taiga forest in Siberia. The present research is aimed to improve the monitoring system towards early detection and prediction of the Siberian moth outbreaks in dark-coniferous taiga in the mountainous region of Krasnoyarsk Krai (Eastern Siberia). The study determined the habitats preferred by the Siberian moth considering the relief, the type of forest and forest inventory characteristics. For that, we analyzed data obtained with the remote sensing and those collected in nature in 2018-2019 through surveying the plots damaged by the pest.

Keywords: coniferous pest; dark coniferous stands; serve defoliation; forest type; surveil; prediction