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Chemotherapeutic Potential of Intracellular Chit S6 Against Aspergillus Niger
* 1 , * 2
1  1. School of Pharmacy and Medical Science, Singhania University, Rajasthan, India.
2  2. Ideal college of pharmacy and research, Maharashtra, India.

Abstract: Microorganisms have always been regarded as a treasure source of useful enzymes. During the last twenty years, biochemical reactions performed by microorganisms or catalyzed by microbial enzymes have been extensively evaluated. This investigation aims at selection of chtinase producing bacterial sp. on colloidal chitin agar medium from soils and isolation of intracellular enzyme for therapeutic purpose. Total 9 isolates was recovered ,purified and after screening the bacterial isolate chit S6 was selected and Ammonium sulfate crystallized, dialysed intracellular enzyme chitS6 used for chemotherapeutic activity against pathogenic fungi Aspergillus niger Chitin consists of β-1, 4-linked N-acetylglucosamine residues that are arranged in antiparallel (α), parallel (β), or mixed (γ) strands, with the α-configuration being the most abundant. The degree of deacetylation also varies from 0 to 100% (chitosan). Except for the β -chitin of diatoms (chitan), chitin is always found crosslinked to other structural components, such as proteins and glucans. The selected and purified strain of the isolate chit S6 were further diluted to 10-1 , 10-3 ,10-5 and 0.1 ml of these dilutions are plated by spread plate technique on NA medium. These plates were incubated at 270 C .The Visual Examination Was Carried Out at intervals of seven days Up to 38th day. The work shows potential use of chitinase producing bacterial sp. Such as chit S6 as an antifungal agent.
Keywords: Colloidal Chitin Agar, Chit S6, Chemotherapeutic, Aspergillus niger