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Effect of forest restoration on vegetation composition and soil characteristics in North Wollo and Waghemira Zones, Northeastern Ethiopia
1  Department of Forestry and Climate Science, College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science, Injibara University, 25140
Academic Editor: Lotus Guo


As a counter measure of deforestation and forest degradation, there are many forest restoration practices with area exclosures. However, these restoration interventions are not yet scientifically evaluated weather successes or not. Thus, this study is to evaluate the impacts of forest restoration with area exclosures on vegetation and soil property changing aspects. The method followed concept of forest restoration based on selected indicators and comparing against best practices. For this purpose, three districts in three agro-ecologies were selected. In each district one exclosures, adjacent church forest and adjacent grazing land were selected. Then vegetation data were collected and analyzed by using different diversity indices. Biomass was computed by using allometric equations developed for forests of dryland tropical Africa. The soil sample were collected from the main quadrates at 5 points in three different depth and then composite. Data was analyzed by using one-way ANOVA via vegetation qualities and selected soil parameters in different land uses and agro-ecologies. The soil result was compared with critical values. There was significant difference in vegetation composition, biomass and soil attributes across land uses and agro-ecologies (p < 0.03). Exclosures showed intermediate values between Church forest and grazing land in vegetation composition, biomass and some soil attributes. Therefore, forest restoration with area exclosures is the better tool for degraded forest restoration. Further research is required to understand ecosystem services of area exclosures and trajectory of successional changes in vegetation composition and soil parameters of the area exclosures.

Keywords: deforestation, restoration, enclosure, church forest, grazing land, vegetation composition, and soil attributes