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Application of DTW index in MIP model for fire ponds and access routes layout optimisation
* 1 , 2 , 3 , 3, 4
1  St.Petersburg State Forest Technical University
2  St. Petersburg State University
3  St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University
4  Leningrad Agricultural Research Institute «Belogorka» branch office of Russian Potato Research Center
Academic Editor: Victor Resco de Dios (registering DOI)

Wildfires are a significant worldwide problem. In Russia alone, they caused about 150 million euros worth of damage in 2020, therefore the development of solutions to control forest fires is particularly important. In this paper, we have proposed a Depth-To-Water index based solution to find the optimal location of fire ponds and access roads to them. Digital Depth-To-Water maps were created in a geographic information system for two datasets: in Lohusuu, Estonia and Podporozhye, Russia. Using a mixed integer programming model with spatial Depth-To-Water data, potential locations for fire ponds were derived on the basis of one fire pond of 100 m3 per forest compartment. Access routes for firefighting vehicles to ponds were generated using a mixed integer programming model, taking into account the existing road network. The results obtained in combination with the known compartments fire hazard classes allows both to reduce potential losses from wildfires and to ensure compliance with the requirements of existing Government regulations.

Keywords: wildfires; depth-to-water index; mixed integer programming; fire ponds; optimisation