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How to optimize the operational technologies of contemporary forest landscape restoration: process control algorithm
1  Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G.F. Morozov
Academic Editor: Lotus Guo (registering DOI)

The paper is interest to forest management & policy scientists and forest farmers, when deciding on the choice of frontier reforestation techniques. Today, the reforestation processes is considered either from a technical operational point of view or from an economic point of view in order to reduce costs. A multi-factor integrated approach will make it possible to make effective decisions and improve the efficiency of forest landscape restoration. The paper presents the development of an algorithm for managing the process of reforestation in modern conditions in order to optimize individual stages, the adequacy of the choice of the necessary operational technologies, taking into account the climatic and geomorphological characteristics of sites. Based on the initial data (characteristics of the area for reforestation), the algorithm will determine the optimal combination of reforestation stages, identify the stages that do not significantly affect the result of reforestation, determine the necessary operational technologies for previously defined stages, and determine the necessary reproductive material based on the selected operational technologies. Using this algorithm will reduce the ratio of reforestation costs by at least 15 %.

Keywords: forest andscape restoration; optimize algorithm; operational technologies; reduce the ratio of reforestation costs