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Algorithmization of transport analyzes for urbanized areas - concept and case studies.
1  Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering
Academic Editor: Frank Werner (registering DOI)

The article presents the concept of algorithmization of the process of creating transport analyzes for urbanized areas. The need to develop the algorithmization process results from the formation of key elements of transport analyzes as well as new possibilities of obtaining data, in particular Big Data describing both transport processes and urbanization processes. Algorithmization covers the various stages of creating a transport analysis in a systemic perspective. The presented concept uses systems engineering methods adapted to the specifics of the description of transport systems and processes in urbanized areas. The article presents examples of case studies for the transport systems of urbanized areas in the following scales: city, agglomeration and metropolitan area. Cases related to intelligent transport systems, mobility management and the creation of new transport systems with a metropolitan range were included.

Keywords: algorithmization process; transport analyzes; transport modelling, ubran areas