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Effect of apricot kernel flour (by-product) on physicochemical, sensorial, and antioxidant properties of biscuits
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1  Department of Food Process Engineering, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 21007
Academic Editor: Susana Casal (registering DOI)

This study was carried out to indicate the potential application of apricot kernel flour (a residue generated in the food processing industry) as a dietary supplement. Apricot stones contain a seed with high content of protein, fat, mineral, and dietary fiber that is mostly underused and underutilized. Six biscuit formulations were prepared by replacing wheat flour with apricot kernel flour at different incorporation levels and the effect of apricot kernel flour (AKF) on physicochemical properties, sensorial attributes, and antioxidant potential of enriched biscuits was investigated. Control biscuits without the addition of AKF were produced for comparisons. The enriched biscuits showed an improvement in physical characteristics, color, texture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, phenolic content, and antioxidant property without significantly affecting the organoleptic quality of biscuits. Sensory evaluation results depicted that all the samples were sensorially acceptable and the highest score in most of the attributes was obtained for 15 % incorporation of AKF. This study demonstrates that AKF has great potential feasibility of improving the quality of confectionery products, an opportunity to increase their applications and decrease the environmental pollution by the residue products of the food industry.

Keywords: Waste utilization; Biscuits; detoxified apricot kernel flour; antioxidant properties; organoleptic quality