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Reducing obesity with Ayurvedic diet
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Academic Editor: Antonello Santini (registering DOI)

Ayurveda, the Science of life teaches how to lead a life healthily. It opines that being lean is ideal for a healthy person. The proper usage of black Sesame can make one stout person lean and a lean person to stout. Dried paddy rice is a perfect companion to sesame for making it a light and healthy diet for obese health seekers. The data was reviewed from Ayurvedic classics and published articles from electronic databases like PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar with bullion operators like AND, OR, and filters like relevant, FULL TEXT and selected eight papers for the study. Inherent ligands in sesame and the production of new ligands during its processing are attractive and health promotive. Molecules of chi choric acid, Eupatorine were identified through MS/MS spectra studies of Sesamum indicum. The roasting process of cereal enhances the carbohydrate and protein digestibility, β-glucan extractability, levels of dietary fiber, minerals, and antioxidants and reduces the inherent antinutrients levels in Oryza sativa. The destruction of seed microflora enhances the shelf life. The gruel prepared of the popped rice grain is one of the light smoothening diets for good digestion. The study intends to an accessible, acceptable, economically healthy, and nutritional diet.

Keywords: Obesity; Ayurveda; Sesamum Indicum; Oryza Sativa; Roasting Process; Gruel