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First results for the selection of repeating earthquakes in the Eastern Tien Shan (China)
1  Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek, Bishkek 720049, Kyrgyzstan
Academic Editor: Melon Zhang


This geophysics research in repeating earthquakes (EQs) is aimed at the possible influence of space weather parameters on the seismic process. I give attention to the behavior of specific faults and tectonic active zones, where strong EQs are expected in the medium to long term. Repeating EQs were found in the Eastern Tien Shan (region of China), on the border with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In this work, an earthquake catalog (NEIC) of 400 earthquakes with 2.5+ magnitude from 2000 to 2020 was used. The areas of shear zones with small nucleating are found. These droplets could lead to the process before the nucleation of the macroscopic phase. I examine repeater families to check the probability of a change in the recurrence rate of earthquakes under the influence of strong magnetic storms with Kp = 8-9. An example of co-located earthquakes (repeaters) was found and examined. Especially, to detect slip faults areas, the Google Earth tools are effective.

The results showed the presence of repeating seismic events in the area, that represent important components of interplate slip processes in addition to major earthquakes.

Keywords: repeating earthquakes, earthquake cycle, Earth structure changes