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Sensorized T-shirt for cardiological patients in telemonitoring
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1  Sapienza University of Rome
2  Technoscience
3  Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET) Sapienza - University of Rome
4  Department of Management and Law - University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Academic Editor: Roger Narayan


Technological innovations in the development of wearable sensors have lead to advancements in smart wearable devices targeted at health monitoring, a research topic of great interest. In fact, telemonitoring systems can help unloading the health care system and minimising the exposure to hospital infection, allowing remote and personalized patient care. In this work we focused on the remote telemonitoring of cardiovascular diseases, in particular atrial fibrillation, because an early diagnosis is important to reduce the risk of stroke. Wearable devices in cardiology are focused on ECG and respiratory parameters, while we tried to provide a wider system, introducing unusual sensors related to cardiac monitoring. We developed a sensorized t-shirt for monitoring vital signs in the home enviroment: it includes a single-lead ECG, a pulse-oximeter and a temperature sensor, all connected to an Arduino board. Data collected are directly sent to the computer with a Bluetooth module, where they can be filtered and visualized thanks to a specific Matlab script, or alternatively they can be visualized Real-Time. Signals are collected with different sampling frequencies, in order to align the system with the literature. We proposed aof 120 seconds at rest where patients wear the sensorized t-shirt and the data elaboration provide information about heart rhythm, average temperature and oxygen saturation. The result is a simple, low-cost and low-power system, an easily applicable solution within everyone’s reach.

Keywords: wearable sensors; telemonitoring; electrocardiography; pulse oximetry; body temperature; respiratory monitoring.