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A case study for Implementing plant Corrosion inspection and maintenance anomaly integrity management system on Sabratha gas production offshore platform in the Mediterranean Sea
* 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5
1  Mechanical and Energy Department, The Libyan Academy for Graduate study, Tripoli, Libya
2  Mechanical Engineering Department, Sok Alkhamis Imsehel High Tec. Institute, Tripoli, Libya
3  The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science And Technology, London, UK
4  Libyan Experts Platform (LEP), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Tripoli, Libya
5  Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI), Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
Academic Editor: Dibyendu Sarkar (registering DOI)

Corrosion and maintenance anomaly & integrity management systems are now the foundation of many industrial and engineering systems in point of sustainability and long-lasting assets. The oil and gas industry started developing new integrated management systems to keep its assets safe in its life cycle without real external failures. However, The overlapping of assets’ integrity responsibilities occurs when a conflict of interests, such as production, safety, environmental, and financial interfacing, are inaccurately weighed against each other. This paper will review the case study of anomaly and integrity management systems implemented in the Sabratha offshore platform. In order to achieve sustainable asset implementation, it is essential to figure the different weights given to the critical factors controlling operational anomaly and integrity of facilities on an offshore platform and re-classified the potential failures. So design practices are reviewed. Also, Inspection techniques and strategies are re-assessed and used to describe the consistent integrity assessment techniques which linked to anomaly monitoring and maintenance criteria. Finally, the anomaly and integrity management system design uses activity, process models, structures, and flow diagrams. The work will be helpful for the further enhancement of a new machine learning system to support this approach.

Keywords: failure analysis, oil & gas offshore platform, risk-based inspection, corrosion and maintenance assets integrity management
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