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Synthesis of new functionally substituted bicyclo[4.2.1]nona-2,4,7-trienes by Co(I)-catalyzed [6π+2π] cycloaddition of 1-benzoylcycloheptatriene
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1  Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of RAS (IPC RAS)
Academic Editor: Julio A. Seijas


Functionally substituted bicyclo[4.2.1]nona-2,4,7-trienes were synthesized for the first time on the basis of the reaction of [6π+2π] cycloaddition of hexyn-1 and 4-pentynenitrile to 1-benzoylcycloheptatriene under the action of the three-component catalytic system Co(acac)2(dppe)/Zn/ZnI2

Keywords: [6π+2π] cycloaddition; 1-benzoylcycloheptatriene; alkynes; bicyclo[4.2.1]nona-2,4,7-trienes; cobalt(II) acetylacetonate; antitumor activity