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NEURODAT'21 IBRO-PERC Lecture on Chemical Neurosciences
1  Department of Organic Chemistry II, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, 48940, Bilbao, Spain.
Academic Editor: Humberto Díaz (registering DOI)

Description of the channel. Welcome to Prof. Sonia Arrasate tutoring channel on Chemical Neurosciences. This channel is part of the NEURODAT’21 training program funded by IBRO-PERC Soft Skills Training call of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) and the Pan-Europe Regional Committee (PERC). NEURODAT’21 is a training program devoted to promote soft skills on entry level Medicine and also STEMS area students interested on Neurosciences. In this tutoring channels students will be allowed to do online public questions and comments about different topics of Chemical Neurosciences. Prof. Arrasate will answer all questions within his area of expertise. This professor may interact with you in Euskera (Basque Language), English, or Spanish.

Topics of the channel. Organic synthesis, chemical characterization, NMR, IR, Mass Spectroscopy, of chemical compounds with biological activity over the central nervous system. Data analysis, Machine Learning, Chemoinformatics, QSAR study compounds with biological activity over the central nervous system.

Instructions for students. The steps for participation are: (1) Wait for channel starting in 2021-Dec-25, you will see a posting comments option/button,
(2) Register/login with your email and password to validate your user, (3) Post your question/comment for the Prof. of the channel, (4) Wait for the email advising that professor has answered your question, (5) Make other questions related to this topic or other topics, (6) Request your attendance certificate to or directly to the email of the professor.

General notes. (1) Students are allowed to made multiple questions following the same discussion threat or open new questions. (2) Some professors may release different materials, slides, etc., that the student can use to study and/or follow the discussion, click the button bellow to see the pdf files. (3) Language note: some professors allow students to select their favorite language of interaction according to professor communications skills, accordingly materials, questions, and answers may appear in these languages. (4) The channel will be open until conference finish the post-publication stage, contact chairpersons for doubts:

Keywords: Chemical Neurosciences; Organic synthesis; Neuroprotective compounds synthesis