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The correlation between different types and intensities of physical activity and children's Sports performance Research
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1  Zhejiang Normal University
Academic Editor: Alyx Taylor

Published: 24 February 2022 by MDPI in The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Healthcare session Sport Performance

"Sports performance" refers to the collective display of various physical qualities when people participate in a certain sport or perform a certain physical activity.Children's "Sports performance" during school age can intuitively reflect their athletic talent, which is essential for the development of children's physical fitness and athletic ability in the future.However, current research lacks in-depth discussions on the different effects of different types and intensities of physical activity on children's Sports performance and other related relationships.This study adopts the method of literature data to make a systematic review of the correlation research of Sports performance of school-age children aged 7-12 years.Summarized and sorted out 27 related documents, including 15 cross-sectional and 12 controlled experimental studies.The results show that: most of the studies used (ActiGraph GT3X+)accelerometer to measure physical activity intensity, and a small part of them used the <Children's Physical Activity Intensity Evaluation Scale>;Most studies measure Sports performance based on changes in various physical fitness indicators to reflect differences in Sports performance;Low-intensity comprehensive Sports programs seem to be more helpful to improve the Sports performance of school-age children;At present, it is necessary to further compare the difference in the effect of various physical activities on the improvement of children's Sports performance, and finally to refine effective suggestions for the further development of related fields.The research results can provide scientific theoretical guidance for the selection of children's physical activities and exercise methods, school sports activities and other comprehensive courses, as well as help children's Sports performance and the effective development of physical and mental health.

Keywords: Keywords: Physical activity; Type; Intensity; Children; Sports performance