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Genetic variability and stability analysis in chilli landraces (Capsicum annuum L.) of North-western Himalayas
* 1 , * 1 , 1 , 2
1  Department of Vegetable Science, Dr YSP UHF NAUNI
2  Department of Fruit Science, Dr YSP UHF NAUNI
Academic Editor: Luigi De Bellis (registering DOI)

The present investigation was carried out during summer seasons of 2020 and 2021 and winter season of 2020 - 21 at the Experimental Farm of Regional Horticulture Research and Training Station Dhaulakuan, District Sirmour (HP), Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Nauni, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The experimental material comprising of variable 19 chilli landraces, which are confined to the kitchen gardens, were collected from different villages of north-western Himalayas and compared with the prevalent cultivar DKC-8. These lines are better pre-adapted to weather extremes and assumed to carry different characteristics which could be better utilized in future breeding programmes, as per the revelations made through stability analysis. On the basis of mean performances, genotype CS9 produced maximum green fruit yield per plant in summer and winter seasons. High PCV and GCV were recorded for green fruit yield per plant. Correlation coefficients showed that fruit length, fruit girth, number of green fruits per plant and average green fruit weight were positively and significantly correlated with green fruit yield per plant. Path coefficient analysis in summer and winter seasons showed that average green fruit weight had the highest positive direct effects on green fruit yield per plant. On the basis of stability analysis, genotypes CS1, CS3 and CS10 had values of regression coefficients near to unity. Genotypes CS7 and CS9 had values greater than unity whereas, genotypes CS2 and CS14 had values of regressions less than unity for maturity characteristics. Genotypes CS6, CS10 and CS19 had values of regressions near to unity, genotype CS16 had values greater than unity whereas three genotypes had values of regression coefficients less than unity for yield contributing characteristics. Genotypes possessing more than unity values were stable in favourable environments, near to unity were stable under all kind of environments and those possessing less than unity were stable under unfavourable environments.

Keywords: revelations; Pre-adapted landraces; Heritability; Genetic advance; Correlation coefficients; Path coefficients; Stability analysis.