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type ll collagen purified from chicken cartilage
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1  PhD student
2  professor
3  MCA
Academic Editor: francesca spyrakis (registering DOI)

The study presented in this work focused on the extraction and purification of type II collagen using an acid-enzymatic extraction starting with cartilage digestion using pepsin and acetic acid followed by precipitation using Nacl . collagen solubilized and recovered by acetic acid.

The extract obtained is purified by electrophoresis gives an alpha chain and its dimers of the betta chain on SDS PAGE so the analysis by scanning 200 to 400 nm on uv-visible spectrophotometer gives an absorbance at 225 nm.

The purified collagen from chicken sternum cartilage was type 2 collagen and could find applications in the induction of arthritis .

Keywords: collagen type ll, chicken cartilage, acid-enzymatic extraction, pepsin, precipitation, purification, electrophoresis, visible uv spectro.