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Application of non-traditional raw materials in production technology of Turkish delight
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1  State Biotechnological University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Academic Editor: Arun Bhunia (registering DOI)

The assortment of confectionery products has a group of eastern sweets characterized by good taste qualities, and high nutritional value. They are quite widespread and are in great demand of consumers in many countries of the world. The assortment of eastern sweets is divided into three groups: Flour (biscuits, baklava, among others), soft sweets (fudge, koz-halva, nougat, Turkish delight, among others). and caramel type ( brittle, candied roasted nuts, among others). Among soft sweets, products such as Turkish delight have become increasingly popular. These products are made of sugar, water, or fruit juice (pomegranate juice), with the addition of corn starch (structural agent), flavors (vanilla, rose essential), with or without nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio), shredded coconut, fruit puree, among others. The possibility of using the technology of Turkish delight on starch corn multi-component fruit-berry and fruit-vegetable paste from apples, pumpkin, quince, blackberry, cranberries, etc. is researched.Adding a multi-component paste from apples, quince, and pumpkin (in the ratio 50:40:10) in quantity 10-30% allows us to get products with high organoleptic indices. The introduction of the study paste to the 30% Turkish delight recipe allows getting products of pleasant color, taste, and aroma of the quince and pumpkin without adding synthetic dyes and flavors. It was found that adding a paste increases strength and improves the structure of the products (consistency becomes less heavy) compared to the products without additives.The presence of multi-component paste in the turkish delight recipe allows getting products with more expressed organoleptic quality indicators and increased content of food fibers (3g per 100 g of product).

Keywords: Turkish delight; apples; quince; pumpkin; food fibers; fruit-vegetable paste