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Wireless Charging of Embedded Systems: A Review
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1  Clarkson University
Academic Editor: Francisco Falcone (registering DOI)

Wireless charging technology has become increasingly popular, and demand for its inclusion in embedded systems has also risen. While there are multiple technologies available, each one has unique traits that may make a technology preferable in a given embedded system. This paper will address the prevalent technologies, including radio frequency-based wireless charging and inductive wireless charging, along with their suitability to integrate into embedded systems. This review will also provide a viable option for the most optimal wireless charging technology for small-footprint systems. After reviewing the advantages or limitations of all wireless charging technologies, it is evident that inductive coupling could be the most suitable one to implement in an embedded system when considering size, price, and efficiency. This review also presents the rationale behind this conclusion.

Keywords: Inductive coupling; Magnetic resonance coupling; Radio Frequency; Energy harvesting; Power conversion efficiency.