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Synthesis of Novel Coumarin Based Fluorescent Probes
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1  Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Organic Chemistry, Mlynska dolina, Pavilon CH2, SK-84215 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Abstract: We report on synthesis of new fluorescent probes suitable for site specific incorporation into oligonucleotides. Coumarin derivatives (1-5) were used as sensitive fluorescent labels and two linkers (6-7) were attached to the basic coumarin skeleton for further applications. Spectral characteristic of functionalized coumarin derivatives (8-10,13-14) were measured and derivative with the best fluorescent properties was chosen. Phosporamidite derivative 17 was prepared from functionalized coumarin derivative 9.
Keywords: coumarin, labeling, phosphoramidite, oligonucleotide