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Utilization of Telemetry Monitoring System on The Dynamics of Water Quantity and Quality in The Dadahup Swamp Irrigation Area
1  Directorate General Water Resources Ministry of Public Work and Housing
Academic Editor: Lampros Vasiliades



One of the technological developments in supporting irrigation modernization is the installation of telemetry monitoring system which is built based on three main elements of sensors, internet connection, and data center. Dadahup Swamp Irrigation Area is one of the development areas that has been supported by the installation of telemetry monitoring system at three points on the upstream, middle and downstream irrigation area sides. The water management system of Dadahup Swamp Irrigation Area has not been running optimally in regulating the water level which results in irrigated land not getting good water quality for rice plant growth. The research objective is to describe the condition of the water quantity and quality profile based on telemetry monitoring system. The research method was carried out by observing water level elevation, rainfall, pH, and salinity in the rainy and dry seasons in the upstream, middle, and downstream. The results showed that the dynamics of water quantity greatly affect water quality in both the rainy and dry seasons.

Keywords: Keywords: Telemetry Monitoring System, Quantity, Quality, Dadahup