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Salt Units of The Kribi-Campo Sub-basin Revisited, Using Offshore 2D Seismic and Boreholes Data: Depositional Context and Petroleum Implications.
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1  University of Yaoundé I, Faculty of Science, Department of Earth Sciences, PO. Box: 812, Yaoundé, Cameroon
2  National Hydrocarbon Corporation of Cameroon (NHC), PO. Box: 955 Yaoundé, Cameroon
3  Department of Geology, university of Vienna, Austria.
Academic Editor: Angelos G. Maravelis


This work re-examines the salt unit through the Kribi-Campo Sub-basin on the southeast part of the Cameroon Atlantic Margin. The results obtained from borehole data analysis show the occurrence of evaporitic unit, localized in the Kribi area. The well to seismic-tie analysis reveals that this unit is observed beneath the Top Albian Unconformity and between the Flooding and Maximum Flooding Surfaces. Two characters of salt dome and salt strips are described. Their depositional context seems to be related to a significant sea-level drop induced by a margin uplift during the Aptian. Concerning the petroleum implications, the target units constitute good potential of stratigraphic traps in the study area, due to the observation of flatspot indicators.

Keywords: Kribi-Campo Sub-basin; Cameroon Atlantic Margin; salt unit; salt diapir; salt strip; Albian; Aptian; petroleum