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Preparation and structural characterization of bis(trimethylsilylmethyl) tellurium diiodide
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1  Department of Chemistry, University of Oulu, PO Box 3000, FI-90570 Oulu, Finland

Abstract: The telluroether Te[CH2Si(CH3)3]2 (1) has been prepared in a good yield by the reaction of Na2Te and ClCH2SiMe3 in aqueous solution. The reaction of 1 with I2 affords TeI2[CH2Si(CH3)3]2 (2). The compounds have been characterized by 13C{1H}- and 125Te-NMR spectroscopy. The crystal structure of 2 shows the presence of weak Te···I and I···I secondary bonding interactions leading to the formation of a supramolecular assembly.
Keywords: diorganotellurium diiodide, secondary bonding, intramolecular coordination