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Application of inulin in pasta: The influence on technological, nutritional properties, and human health- A review
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1  Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cukurova University, 01250, Adana, Turkey
Academic Editor: Antonello Santini


Inulin, is a molecule namely a functional dietary fiber from non-digestible carbohydrate-based, and was generally utilized in pasta formulations at concentrations or replacement ratios of 0.5%–20%. The optimum cooking time and swelling index of inulin-added pasta were nearly range between 5.0–14.0 min and 1.5–2.6 g/g, respectively. The protein content was generally decreased, whereas dietary fiber was increased with the addition of inulin to pasta formulations. Therefore, lower starch hydrolysis and glycemic index could be achieved with inulin enrichment in pasta. However, there is still needed more in vitro and in vivo digestion studies to evaluate its beneficial effects on human health.

Keywords: Jerusalem artichoke, chicory; degree of polymerization; prebiotic, texture, glycemic index