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Evaluation of the physicochemical and microbiological and sensory properties of a pasta based on lentil flour and turmeric.
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1  Directora de investigación. Facultad de Ingenierías e informática, Instituto Superior de Educación Rural. ORCID iD: 0000-0003-4658-8113 Grupo de investigacion en ciencia, tecnologia e innovacion.Linea de investigacion en inno
2  ORCID iD:0000-0003-1931-6278. Grupo de investigacion en ciencia, tecnologia e innovacion. Linea de investigacion en innovacion y trasferencia tecnologica.
3  Student in technology in agro-industrial processes, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Higher In-stitute of Rural Education, Pamplona, Pamplona-Colombia.
Academic Editor: Maria Martuscelli


Currently, the productive sectors have been forced to increase investment, technology transfer, scientific research and innovation because quality standards are more demanding to market and be competitive in national and international markets. This project aimed to develop and standardize a lentil and turmeric-based paste, where three formulations were evaluated, combining the nutritional and functional properties of both ingredients (lentil and turmeric). The elaboration process was carried out in 7 stages (reception, grinding, particle size analysis, weighing, mixing and kneading, working and cutting the dough, drying); Subsequently, the physicochemical, microbiological and sensory properties of the paste were determined according to NTC 1055 (2007). The sensory results showed that the formulation with the highest acceptance was the one that contained a concentration of 60% lentil and 40% wheat flour, presenting similar characteristics to commercial pasta according to the panelists. The microbiological and physicochemical requirements comply with the provisions of the regulations; highlighting that the final product contains 5% more protein. The standardization of a basic product of the family basket such as pasta that meets the requirements and contains a greater nutritional value for consumers was achieved.

Keywords: pasta, lentil flour, vegetable protein, turmeric, consumers.