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Enhancing Gamma Stirling Engine Performance through Genetic Algorithm Technique
* 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
1  Energy Science and Engineering Department, University of Naples Parthenope, 80133 Napoli, Italy
2  Nanotechnology Research and Application Center, Sabanci University, 34956 Istanbul, Turkey
3  Mechanical Engineering Department, NED University of Engineering and Technology, 79270, Karachi, Pakistan
4  Department of Textile Engineering, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research, Dhaka 1350, Bangladesh
Academic Editor: Santosh Kumar


The Stirling engine, invented in 1816, was initially lacking comprehensive scientific understanding, which only surfaced after a considerable 50-year period. In the present era, impressive strides have been made in enhancing the performance of Stirling engines through the implementation of thermodynamics cycles. Despite these advancements, there remains untapped potential for further improvements through the application of soft computing methods. To address this, the focal point of this research paper centers around optimizing the Stirling engine, specifically focusing on a gamma type double piston Stirling engine and leveraging genetic algorithms to achieve the desired enhancements. The obtained results from this meticulous analysis are meticulously compared with experimental data, validating the efficacy of the approach. Additionally, the paper explores the potential impact of utilizing cryogenic fluids as coolants on the Stirling engine's performance

Keywords: Stirling engine, Thermodynamics, Power, Efficiency, Genetic algorithm