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Modeling and simulation of chemical absorption methods for CO2 separation from cement plant flue gases
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1  Tashkent chemical-technological Institute
2  University of Cantabria
3  Shahrisabz branch of Tashkent chemical-technological Institute
Academic Editor: Simeone Chianese


Climate changes, especially global warming, are observed due to greenhouse gases released on an industrial scale. For this reason, progress is being made around the world to reduce CO2 emissions and transition to sustainable energy sources. One of the most matured methods of capturing CO2 from flue gases in industrial sectors is chemical absorption. This work analyzed the absorption process in capturing CO2 from the flue gases of a 1 Mt cement plant. The Aspen Plus modeling package was used to simulate the flue gas pre-treatment, absorption column, and regeneration unit. As a result of the modeling, optimal values of column sizes, heat duty, and solvent make-up that require the least capital and operational costs for capturing CO2 in the flue gases of this plant were determined. When a 40% MEA solution is used and the CO2 loading in the absorption-stripping process is 0.25 mol/mol, the reboiler heat duty is 4.06 MJ/kg CO2.

Keywords: climate change, absorption, modeling, heat duty, flue gas, CO2 capture
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Samy Anwar
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