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Development a Novel Design and Modelling of MEMS Piezoelectric Cantilevers based Chemical Sensors
* 1 , 2 , 3
1  Sabanci University, Nanotechnology Research and Application Center Istanbul Turkey
2  Department of Textile Engineering National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research Dhaka-1350, Bangladesh; Dhaka-1350, Bangladesh +880 1819 898 543
3  University of Naples Parthenope, 80133 Napoli, Italy;
Academic Editor: Elisabeta Szerb


Analytical modelling of thin-film, multilayered piezoelectric microcantilevers is presented in this work. Piezoelectric microcantilevers are used in these chemical sensors. Different types of probe coatings are applied to these types of microcantilevers. A Position-Sensitive Sensor (PSS) system is used to identify chemical ingredients in the materials with high sensitivity, and external voltage is measured in mV. The maximum voltage generated for the sensor is 39 mV. This range of voltage is suitable for sensing electronic systems. An angle change of a microcantilever in a liquid or gas environment identifies a material's chemical ingredients. A microcantilever deflects, resulting in varying voltages to analyze materials. COMSOL software and equations are used for analytical simulations to determine optimal design parameters. COMSOL software model development and MEMS design are involved in analytical simulations. This paper examines the analytical model of the cantilever and discusses the fabrication process.

Keywords: Piezoelectric, MEMS, Microcantilever, COMSOL modeling and simulation, Chemical Sensors