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Clean energy technologies in Western Macedonia: Opportunities for jobs and growth within the coal phase out era
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1  Center for Research and Technology Hellas/Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CERTH/CPERI)
Academic Editor: Simeone Chianese


This study presents a concise overview of the role that clean energy technologies can play in the decarbonisation path of Western Macedonia, which is called upon not only to adjust its production model to the new requirements, but also to proceed immediately to a comprehensive productive restructuring towards a full phase-out of coal activities. One detailed survey will summarise the main findings and estimates on the renewable energy and clean energy, technical and research potential and in addition present assessments on the potential impact this could have on job creation and regional economic development in terms of potential investments. The studies’ goal is to identify and promote actions to accelerate the pace of innovation in clean energy and, in parallel, serve as a platform for collaboration among stakeholders from business, government, civil society and selected innovation alliances who share a vision for a sustainable future, highlighting the importance of accelerating innovation in sustainable energy – across the many ways in which energy is produced, delivered and consumed.

Keywords: coal face out, clean energy, technical and research potential, innovation.