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Optimization of the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem under Time Constraints with PSO Algorithm.
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1  Laboratory of Automation and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Batna2, Batna 05000, Algeria.
Academic Editor: Alessandro Bruno


This study aims to minimize the "makespan" objective function in a Flow-Shop environment, considering two crucial temporal constraints: "Waiting time" and "Release date." Given the NP-hardness of this scheduling problem, we employed an enhanced metaheuristic called Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to find the optimal solution. Through a series of experiments conducted on a specific set of benchmark instances, we evaluated the performance of our approach by comparing the obtained results against the lower bound (LB). This comparison showcased the effectiveness of our proposed method in addressing this complex scheduling problem.

Keywords: Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem; Release date; Waiting time; Makespan; Particle Swarm Optimization.