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Mucoadhesive polymer coated MXene as a carrier for the delivery of antimicrobial drugs.
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1  School of nanoscience, Central University of Gujarat (Gandhinagar), India
Academic Editor: Maria Emília Sousa (registering DOI)


MXene are a group of two-dimensional (2D) transition metal carbides and carbonitrides. MXene have a wide range of uses in biotechnology, drug delivery, and bioimaging. Due to their biocompatibility and excellent antimicrobial activities, these two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials have gained significant attention. MXene are one of these nanomaterials that demonstrated excellent bactericidal, fungicidal activity, and antimicrobial characteristics. Luliconazole drug are a highly effective antifungal drug in vitro against dermatophytes. However, luliconazole drugs suffers from less stability, poor solubility, low permeability, rapid metabolism, and rapid elimination from the topical area of the skin. For the improvement of drug stability, skin permeability, and efficacy, these drugs were loaded onto MXene nanocarriers, and for adhesion to the skin, drug-loaded MXene was coated with a mucoadhesive polymer. Sulphur-containing amino acids present in epithelial cells formed strong Di-sulphide bonds with thiolate pullulan polymer and adhered strongly. The poor bioavailable luliconazole-loaded nanocarrier showed sub-therapeutic effects because a major portion of the dose never reached the targeted sites. Thus, the purpose of our study was to improve the antimicrobial activity of the particular drug while lowering the dose, dose frequency, ensuring high stability, and delivering it to the targeted site. Many studies had been conducted to increase the bioavailability of badly absorbed antimicrobial drugs to enhance their clinical efficacies. Drug-loaded MXene nanocarriers were synthesized by incubating the drug with the MXene dispersion method. Drug-loaded MXene nanocarriers were characterized by different techniques such as ATR-FTIR, DSC, TGA, XRD, HR-TEM, NMR, and DLS. In this research work, thiolate polymer-coated drug-loaded MXene was synthesized and evaluated for its application as a carrier for the delivery of antimicrobial drugs.

Keywords: Keywords: MXene, Luliconazole drug, Thiolate pullulan polymer, antimicrobial activity.