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Noise Reduction Transactions for Bio- Medical Image Processing Techniques using Artificial Intelligence
1  Lendi Institute of Engineering and Technology (A), Vizianagaram
Academic Editor: Nunzio Cennamo (registering DOI)

In technological advancement, noise reduction has played a key role in every field in our technical world. Recently, one of the remarkable developments in M16 Blackhole image classification has been the exact view of a real digital image. This research paper is mainly focused on the proposed techniques involved in reducing image noise through noise removal algorithms and image processing combined with wavelength formation using biomedical operations and the functioning of the proposed Bio-medical 3D image scanning device, which directly scans when the user wants to see our human body or any body, and then exact body organs and internal parts are viewed exactly as per autonomy on devices. We give alternative solutions to X-Ray film technology and replace it with 3-D image virtual projection and viewing on any personal devices using existing resources that the user or patient wants to see. We are trying to focus on Broken Human bones, internal body organs, and pregnant women's womb baby formation current status with result orientation and accuracy rates of object noise detection with a reduction of more than 90% with valid datasets executed on significant platforms. This research work will help better understand noise reduction with image processing techniques as an approach to artificial intelligence, and it can support current medical applications, including future technologies, and be helpful to the biological research fields. Hence, this work will have the best impact on those who work in Image Quality , Object Detection, Medical, Healthcare, Maps, and space research domains.

Keywords: AI, Wavelet, Noise reduction, Bio-medical, Image filtering, Image processing, Signal processing, electromyography (EMG), Electro Encephalo Graphic (EEG), and vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA).