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Smart Combination of PPG Signal and IR Camera: A Multi-Parameter Device for Vital Signs Monitoring
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1  Polytechnic University of Bari
Academic Editor: Andrea Ballo


In recent years, significant advances in digital health made possible to provide more personalized and timely care, and health systems to become more efficient.
With this paper, we propose a multi-parameter device, at a prototypal level, which represents a convenient and efficient solution in order to accurately monitor health and collect vital data: it is able to return blood pressure values, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels and body temperature, relying only on two different sensors, combined with AI algorithms.
In particular, a multi-wavelength photoplethysmographic sensor is used for the prediction of heart rate, the degree of blood hemoglobin oxygenation and blood pressure. The performance is promising, with an average relative error of less than 5% for heart rate and blood saturation, and a Mean Absolute Error of 3.74 mmHg and 2.98 mmHg for systolic and diastolic pressure respectively.
The MLX90640 thermal camera accurately measured patients’ body temperature in a non-invasive and continuous manner, with a maximum absolute error equal to 0.2 °C.

Keywords: Biosensors, Photopletysmography, IR camera