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Investigating the recent advancements in healthcare, considering COVID-19 pandemic era
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1  1 Department of Zoology, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, 731235, India 2 Ethophilia (An Autonomous Research Group), Santiniketan, 731235, India
2  Ethophilia (An Autonomous Research Group), Santiniketan, 731235, India
Academic Editor: Wataru Takeuchi


Advanced usage of computational methods in public health has increased in the last decade. Healthcare decision-makers are highlighting on the functional implementation of advanced technology in the system. During the COVID-19 pandemic era, Electronic Health Records (EHR) of the infected patients has created huge biomedical data for infection biology researchers. Depending on the pattern of infection, in respect to its pathophysiology and demographic array, innovative public health management protocols were applied in several healthcare centers and hospitals to tackle huge number of infected patients in highly populated counties like India. In fact, healthcare units have developed novel methods to combat sudden pandemic threats. Expert trained medical taskforce with rigorous safety measures have worked as the frontliners in this situation. Our research broadly includes the analysis of novel healthcare models, which are being designed and proposed to manage excessively large number of patients mainly in the urban area. We propose application of fundamental life-saving clinical policies and effective healthcare human resources in terms of pandemic management with a hybrid mode (digital and personal) of diagnostic-therapeutic processes in healthcare centers and along with preventive self-treating initiatives.

Keywords: Healthcare; COVID-19; Digital healthcare; Public health; Public health management
Comments on this paper
Miranda Joye
the COVID-19 pandemic has driven significant word hurdle advancements in healthcare across various domains. These advancements aim to address challenges posed by the pandemic and enhance healthcare systems' overall resilience.

Alex Belov
En la era de la pandemia de COVID-19, los avances recientes en el campo de la salud han sido impresionantes. Desde el desarrollo de vacunas altamente eficaces en un tiempo récord hasta la implementación de tecnologías innovadoras para la detección y el tratamiento de la enfermedad, el sector de la salud ha demostrado una notable capacidad de adaptación y progreso.

Miakosl Lians
All things considered, these innovations are an attempt to fortify healthcare systems against the epidemic and its difficulties.
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