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A Study on the People of the North-East Part of Bangladesh with the Effect of the Flood Disaster that Occurred in 2022
1  Department of Statistics, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh
2  Nano Research Centre, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Academic Editor: Simeone Chianese


Bangladesh is characterized by its tropical climate and low elevation. Every year, this region is affected by flooding. The proximity of India adds another significant layer of complexity to this issue. Because India opens its switch gate during the rainy season, Bangladesh sees an increase in the amount of water that flows through the country. The area often has issues with flooding. In the year 2022, the residents of the north-east part of Bangladesh were put in a terrible position due to flooding. Therefore, one of our goals is to find factors associated with this flood disaster. In addition to this, one of our goals is to mitigate the negative impact that the flood had on the physical and emotional health of the people living in the north-east part of Bangladesh. This study also includes some demographic and socio-economic factors associated with this environmental disaster.

Keywords: environment, flood, disaster, physical health, mental health