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The effect of insect frass on tomato transplant growth and nutrient content
1  NPO Veggies Cultivation
Academic Editor: Leo Sabatino


Sustainable insect manure is a 100% natural fertilizer that includes nutrients that plants can obtain easily and metabolize well. Manure produced by insects is a high-quality and innovative organic fertilizer that is obtained from plants fully digested by insects and therefore combines a balanced fertilizer and biostimulator in one product. Insect manure components support plant growth; they are of natural origin, stimulate plant growth, and support root development. The tomato variety used underwent seven treatments, with three replications. The experiment was repeated twice. The growing technology used, Bugimine Ltd., did not want to provide an accurate recipie as they wished to retain their property. Treatments: 1. Matogard substrate + Insect frass, 2. Matogard substrate + Insect frass + spraying with insect frass solution; 3. Matogard substrate + insect frass + spraying with water; 4. Control: Matogard substrate; 5. Matogard substrate + Insect frass + EM (effective microorganisms); 6. Matogard substrate + Insect frass + UBP; 7. Matogard substrate until pitching, then Matogard substrate + insect frass. The height of the plants, the number of leaves, and the stem diameter were the lowest in the control treatment. The content of N, P, K, Ca, and Mg was lowest in the control treatment. It can be concluded that the use of insect frass makes tomato transplants grow better (plants were higher and the stem diameter was larger) and contain more nutrients, making them perfect to use as transplants to obtain a good yield.

Keywords: growth; insect frass, nutrient content; tomato