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Catalyzed N-acylation of carbamates and oxazolidinones by Heteropolyacids (HPAs)
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1  Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran
2  Agricultural Researches and Services Center, Mashhad, Iran

Abstract: We wish to report reaction of various carbamates and oxazolidinones with carboxylic acid anhydrides in the presence of Wells-Dawson heteropolyacid catalysis. The N-acylation was carried out in presence heteropolyacid catalyst and gave the corresponding N-acyl products in good yields under solvent-free, green conditions. In this acylation used of Carboxylic acids and anhydride as acylating agents.
Keywords: Wells-Dawson, Heteropolyacid, Acylation, carbamates, oxazolidinones