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Batteries and Biomimicry: Transitioning towards Structural and Systemic Design
1  Lead R&D - Energy Storage Vertical, Terracarb Private Limited Founder - 1.618 Biomimicry Community & Consultancy
Academic Editor: Marc Weissburg



The electrification of transport has made battery technology a focal point of research and development. However, conventional manufacturing and disposal methods involving toxic elements present several direct and indirect environmental implications. This research review proposes a biomimetic approach to transition from material-centric to structure- and ecosystem-based functionality across various scales in energy storage. This encompasses electrode fabrication, material functionalization, separators, charge–discharge transfer ecosystems, geometrical arrangements, and thermal regulation. Nature-inspired fundamental structures such as gradients, cellular, fibrous, and tubular configurations were specifically explored for electrode slurry and binder functionalities, while sutures and overlapping scales were investigated for cell design. Geobacter and its related microbial ecosystems were identified as potential ecosystems for bio-designing charge transfer.

By shifting the focus from chemical innovation to structural and systemic design, this study aims to advocate for the utilization of life-conducive energy materials and resilient cell architectures to eliminate the adverse environmental impacts associated with traditional battery manufacturing and disposal restrictions.

The available scientific literature, frameworks, and tools related to nature-inspired energy storage technologies were reviewed and analyzed. A co-creative, frugal, and agile framework is proposed for integrating nature-inspired structures and ecosystems at various stages of cell and battery fabrication. Gaps in the literature, existing methodologies, and future directions concerning biomimetic batteries were identified.

Keywords: energy storage ; batteries ; biomimicry; system thinking; structural design;
Comments on this paper
Deniston Antony
This is a very interesting topic and a most needed one for people to think from a different perspective. It is not like destroying nature to create stuff moreover it is like learning from nature to do things optimistically. Hoping to see the continuation of this paper with technical details.
Dhiksha Mohan
Thank you, Mr Deniston. I couldn't agree more and hoping to see more such research directions, as we move forward.