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Base-Pairing Studies of a Ring-Expanded ("Fat") Nucleoside Analogue Possessing Potent Antiviral Activity.
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1  Laboratory for Drug Design and Synthesis, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), 1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, Maryland 21250, USA

Abstract: Ring-expanded ("fat") nucleosides and nucleotides are potentially useful probes for nucleic acid metabolism, structure, and function. With their structural resemblance to natural purines, they are a rich source of substrates or inhibitors of enzymes of nucleic acid metabolism as well as of those requiring energy cofactors such as ATP or GTP. As ring-expansion is anticipated to considerably affect the electronic, spatial, and geometric characteristics, they are also excellent probes for steric and conformational constraints of nucleic acid double-helices.
Keywords: 1H NMR Studies, Base-Pairing Properties, Ring-Expanded ("Fat" Nucleoside)