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The effect of furazidine on the parameters of the leukocyte formula of chickens.
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1  Belgorod State National Research University
Academic Editor: Dariusz Dziki


The global consumption of chicken meat is growing because poultry meat is an inexpensive and valuable source of protein. However, poultry meat consumers are concerned about the uncontrolled use of antimicrobials in agriculture. Based on the literature data, in 2010, the total use of antibiotics in animal husbandry was 63,151 tons, and by 2030, it is projected to increase by 67%.

Antimicrobials that accumulate residually in meat and organs of poultry can pose two main dangers: the development of antibiotic resistance in humans when consuming such products, as well as some toxicological effects. However, we should not forget that the complete cessation of the use of antibiotics in poultry farming has negative economic consequences in the form of increased production costs and higher prices for consumers.

The aim of the work was to study the effect of antibiotic furazidine on the parameters of the leukocyte formula in birds.

To study the effect of furazidine on the blood of poultry, groups of day-old Hysex Brown chickens were formed. Then, the chickens were evaporated with furazidine at a dosage of 200 mg / l. According to the results of blood sampling on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th days, the blood parameters of chickens were evaluated using standard methods centred around the microscopy of a poultry blood smear followed by calculations of the leukocyte formula.

The results of the study showed that the most pronounced changes were observed in the number of pseudoeosinophils on the 1st and 3rd days after discontinuing the drug, and the number of pseudoeosinophils increased by 8.9% (and by 5.9% on the 5th day). On the 7th day after discontinuing the drug, the increase in the number of pseudoeosinophils was 5%. On the 9th day, this indicator returned to the control values.

Thus, the parameters of the leukocyte formula do not undergo significant changes under the action of furazidine.

Keywords: Antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, chicken meat, agriculture, furazidine, blood, leukocyte formula